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Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs): Fundamentals, Management, & Sustainability
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Teacher: Elearning Dayseven

Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs): Fundamentals, Management, & Sustainability

Workshop Overview

Welcome to this workshop that is designed to equip attendees with the required skills to:

  • Understand, Manage, and Build Sustainable Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs/CBOs/FBOs). 
  • This workshop is intended for all persons who need to:
  • Establish new NPOs (legal requirements)
  • Manage existing NPOs (sustainability and resilience)
  • Engage donors (attract, develop, and maintain)
  • Engage NPO stakeholders (engagement framework)

Workshop Outcomes

This workshop is outcomes-based which means we take the responsibility of learning away from the facilitator and place it in your hands. The facilitator is only there to guide the learning process. 

In this workshop, we will be covering the following modules:

  • Module 1: Organisational Focus – Our Purpose as an NPO
  • Module 2: Building Sustainable and Resilient Organisations
  • Module 3: Principles of Fundraising – The Foundation of a Successful NPO
  • Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Module 5: Sales and Marketing 101 for NPOs
  • Module 6: Managing NPO Finances – Financial & Risk Management

 During the workshop you will complete several activities, and review case studies, that will give you the opportunity to practice and explore your new skills in a safe environment.  You should take the opportunity to gather as much information as you can to apply in your organisation.